Police have busted an illegal casino operating out of a factory in Truganina, in Melbourne’s west.

A police raid uncovered cash, drugs, alcohol and gaming tables inside the factory premises.

Police arrested 21 people at the venue and say as many as 50 people may have been attending the illegal casino each night it was operating.

Detectives said the casino had a minimum $8,000 buy-in to attend and also operated an unlicensed bar.

A 35-year-old Truganina man, who police allege operated the casino, is expected to be charged with conducting unauthorised gambling, advertising unauthorised gambling, selling liquor without a licence, consuming liquor on unlicensed premises and having liquor on unlicenced premises.

The other people arrested at the premises also face charges including being inside an unauthorised gambling premises and drug possession.

Westgate Police Division Inspector Scott Colson said the raid followed an ongoing investigation linked to organised crime.

“When significant quantities of cash are seized from organised crime syndicates, we know this deals a hammer blow to their ability to fund further illegal activity,” he said.

“We’ve put a stop to a large amount of money ending up in the hands of the wrong people, which could have then been used for further criminal offending in the community.”

Conducting unauthorised gambling carries a two-year prison sentence or a $192,000 fine.

Police will allege other offences such as drug trafficking and firearm possession were also committed at the venue.


Source: Police arrest 21 people in raid on illegal casino in Truganina, in Melbourne’s west – ABC News