Australian consumers are amongst the most discerning coffee drinkers in the world and expect a quality brew from all venues – no longer just premium cafés.

With premiumisation and growing competition within the industry, it’s crucial for venues to consistently deliver good service to stand out. That’s why Nestlé Professional has launched the Buondi Barista Academy, providing strong training and technical support to help elevate your coffee offering

Due to workforce shortages, high staff turnover, and a lack of skilled employees, barista training has become increasingly essential. In addition to onsite training, Nestlé Professional has created a new series of training videos featuring Master Barista Jo Yuen. The 8-part series covers the entire process of creating the ideal coffee:

  • Bar Setup
  • Beverage Routine
  • Dosing and Tamping
  • Milk Texturing
  • Types of Espresso-Based Beverages
  • Latte Art
  • Espresso-Based Iced Beverages

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your coffee offering and stand out from the competition.

Watch the Buondi Barista Academy series here: