Charters Paper is the exclusive supplier of Kanzaki TITO tickets in Australia. These tickets are made from high-quality top-coated direct thermal grade paper. This ensures that the tickets have a dark, crisp printed image, ultra-high sensitivity, and excellent durability.

“In recent years, some venues have been tempted to try cheaper TITO tickets. Despite the allure of the cheaper tickets from an immediate cost standpoint, they often result in frequent machine breakdowns. Over time, these breakdowns and the associated maintenance costs can quickly surpass any initial savings,” said Ilea Sfetkidis, Charters Paper’s National Gaming Manager.

Recently, some venues have reported difficulties in ordering TITO tickets due to global supply constraints. This negatively impacts the customer experience and potential venue revenue. However, this hasn’t been a problem for Charters Paper customers, who are committed to providing an uninterrupted supply to venues.

“We are committed to holding high stock levels to provide venues with certainty of supply. So, when a customer orders from us, we can generally dispatch the order the same or next day,” said Ilea.

Choosing high-quality top-coated TITO tickets, like those supplied by Charters Paper, ensures your customers receive the best possible gaming experience and keep coming back.


Give your players the very best!


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