There is a common theme when it comes to Access Control systems installed in clubs and pubs – they seem to be functioning well, but underneath they are old – sometimes up to 15 years old – and developing, or have developed, holes.

This happens due to a number of different reasons:

  • A lack of attention to system maintenance – both hardware and software
  • A drop in attention around both policies and procedures for the system operation
  • Changes in other business operations that are not reflected in renewed access control protocols.

Bottom line – TIME is the big factor. Rest assured the longer your access control system has been in place, the gaps will be bigger and there will be more of them … and the likelihood of this causing problems increases with each passing day.

Furthermore, the changes and improvements to security technology means that your older system prevents you from realizing the opportunities, efficiencies and savings that become available as each new generation of technology comes into play.

Two significant improvements in recent years have been:

  • In software & app developments which now allow you to monitor everything remotely and receive notifications. From the other side of the world, you can have your finger on the pulse.
  • With today’s systems integration you can have your Access Control integrated with CCTV solution for a powerful result.

The vast majority of clubs and pubs have quite technically solid access controls, solid enough for most of them to really be “off the radar” when it comes to prioritizing system improvements.

In fact, our observations tell us the alarms and access control systems in clubs are 10 or 15 years old – in the world of technology that is a few generations of improvements being missed.

There is a simple action you can take to give the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is both working solidly and delivering you the right benefits.

Have it checked.

More importantly have it checked by someone with a deep understanding of pub and club operations AND a very strong expertise in security technology.

The fact is nowadays achieving the best solution – that is the solution that combines the key criteria of value for money and delivery of results – means bringing IT skills, experience and knowledge into play with industry understanding.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES delivers precisely that – their understanding of security IT combined with their depth of experience in the club and gaming industry means they are well placed to help find the best solution for you.

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