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Brew Accounting has 30 years of industry specific knowledge on best practice accounting and compliance from the club and hotel industry that has been used to create their Hospitality Accounting System. Controlling cashflow, payroll, expenses, stock leakage and providing opportunities to increase margins is delivered in an easy to see dashboard format supported by a fully integrated and automated system. The Brew Accounting Advantage system gives you your time back to get out of the office and focus on the things that truly contribute to increased business such as mentoring and training staff and getting in touch with your customers. Brew Accounting is offering a special deal for their Profitability Business Review

The Brew Accounting Advantage

Recent studies have confirmed that 80% of hospitality managers spend too much time on administration and compliance rather than focusing on areas most relevant to the business. In the same way that the best teachers are removed from the classroom to become administrators as school principals, in the club and hotel industry the same problem occurs: all the best customer focused, business results driven, skilled staff in a venue get promoted into management roles where these days their job becomes administrative and compliance focused.

It’s no surprise that many venues are struggling to control costs when more than half the week involves shuffling paper, chasing late payments, fixing duplicated accounts, paying and filing invoices, calculating payroll and taxes and data mining systems rather than concentrating on aspects that will increase the bottom line such as reducing cost overspend and expenses, increasing margins and improving service quality and staff training.

The Brew Accounting weekly bookkeeping and accounting package provides an industry specific program that automates and simplifies all those administration tasks that chew up your time and get in the way of improving the customer experience by providing the club and hotel manager with automated systems to assist in:

Maximising margins – through weekly account reconciliation and careful monitoring of costs Brew provides action points each week and a monthly dashboard which gives you the knowledge to take advantage of opportunities and cut costs

Manage Cashflow – by preventing late payments, identifying duplicates and anomalies, and tracking expenses Brew can reduce cash and stock leakage and ensure revenue is converted to cash in the bank

Creates time – using systems and processes that remove time-wasting administration issues such as chasing invoices and late payments, dealing with suppliers and payroll issues, Brew will give you the time to get back to customer service, staff mentoring and training that will drive increased business

The Brew System interrogates the current POS and systems technology used in clubs and hotels to create highly efficient industry specific processes including paperless payables, checking for duplications and fraudulent activity, and monitoring of daily benchmarks for purchasing, gaming income, wages and food/beverage costs. It includes Single-Touch payroll systems with integrated rostering and electronic clock-in/out.

Having the right systems and streamlined processes means you can talk about the issues that matter, when they matter – leading to better planning, strategy, and decision making.

Brew Industry Experience

Every accountant learns their craft at university but in the hospitality industry, heavily regulatory and compliance needs remain of paramount importance and can only be learnt through experience. Brew Accounting has over 30 years of industry specific expertise which means that the system and processes have been built to provide the support that will be helpful for a club and hotel manager.

Brew Accounting’s Lead CPA and Tax Specialist, Joanna Stuart, having trained with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), has worked in a variety of industry organisations including the O’Hara Group Chain of Hotels, and The Red Carnation Hotels in London.  Joanna was the Vice President of the St Patrick Day Parade and turned the 10-year loss-making event into a profitable one. Previous experience with major companies such as Rentokil Initial, OneSteel and Enron have given her additional experience in the need for strong control of the balance sheet.

Joanna this year has been appointed to the board of Coledale RSL and has used the Brew Accounting system to turn the club around. Proving that the Brew Accounting system works effectively, in 2018 the small club ran at an $80,000 loss but in 2019 the club is back to break even after an 8% increase to the net profit margin, in a year when most clubs are seeing significant declines.

Why Choose Brew?

There are several financial advantages to outsourcing the accounts and bookkeeping service in a club or hotel:

  • Specialised and professional industry specific accounting, tax and book-keeping processes with a broader skillset at a higher level than in-house staff
  • Available 52 weeks a year
  • Saves on bookkeeping, tax and payroll wages with no holiday leave, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave or superannuation commitments – just a weekly tax-deductible fee
  • External oversight away from the day to day business process ensures all discrepancies, and anomalies are tracked, dealt with and resolved and not just added to the “too hard” bucket for the external auditor to deal with a year later.
  • Minimises the costs of office space and infrastructure such as computers, desks etc.

It’s like having a virtual CFO to work with you in moving the business forward

Brew Profitability Business Review – Offer

For readers of The Drop, Brew Accounting is offering a profitability review. They will analyse and investigate your accounts to provide options on what your strongest business strategy could be based on your current situation. Brew will interpret departmental margins with comparisons to industry benchmarks and then follow through with a plan designed to allow managers to maximise margins, manage cashflow strategically and create time for you to focus on more beneficial areas of the business.

You will get:

  • A comprehensive performance review comparative to industry benchmarks
  • Suggested improvement opportunities
  • A plan of how Brew Accounts will help you increase profits over the next 12 months

From now until 30th November Brew Accounting will offer a $500 profitability and performance review. If they don’t save you over $500 in value through appropriately reduced costs or increased margins, they will refund the original $500 fee.

For more information call or email Joanna Stuart CPA on 0405 027 250 or at ">