When fragrances were first introduced to casinos decades ago, it was primarily to mask the odour of smoke. Today customer expectation has evolved. Since the outbreak of the pandemic scents have been playing an even more important role in elevating the gaming experience, increasing revenue and visits. The question is no longer why, but how to best adopt scenting for your gaming venue.

 Customer Demand for Clean Air amid Covid-19 Concerns

Despite the strides we have made in overcoming the pandemic, the world’s concern about air quality in businesses is higher than ever. According to a 2021 public opinion survey1, 91% of consumers consider clean air important when visiting indoor businesses. Unfortunately for gaming venues, especially older ones that were built to disconnect the gambler from the outside world, the low ceilings, loud carpets, flashing lights and labyrinthine designs have somewhat become the opposite of what gamblers need to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How gaming venues apply safety protocols to combat the spread of coronavirus is now a business-critical operational hurdle.


Natural-Like Air Purification Emerges as a Solution

While some are making changes to their ventilation systems to increase outdoor air circulation, some focus on air cleaning and purification, a more time and cost-effective way to improve air quality. ScentAir

ION Protect™ emerges as such solution, being an active air purifying system that eliminates 99.8% of SARS-COV-2 and hundreds of other airborne pathogens such as mould and bacteria. Unlike common air purifiers that wait for harmful particles to run through them, ION Protect seeks out pollutants in the air and produces natural-like purification. Patented GPS® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization® (NPBI) technology produces ions that are the same as what we can find in nature. Naturally occurring ions are formed by the energy generated from natural sources like rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight — and they are constantly working to clean our air. This explains why you feel the air is fresher when you hike in the woods or simply sit by the sea.


Odour Neutralising Scents to Supplement Purification

While air purifiers are effective, they are not generally among the most visible of safety protocols. Do people notice when a business has air purification in place if they continue to smell cigarette smoke or other malodours? Unlikely, but it can be fixed easily. With the world’s largest fragrance library, ScentAir has purposefully formulated a special collection of Odour Neutralising (ON) fragrances that can effectively combat malodours in the air. These fragrances bond with malodours, literally changing their molecular structure, thus greatly reducing, neutralising or eliminating them. Supplementing your air purification solution ON can effectively address odours that every venue encounters, from cigarette smoke to odours from carpets, bodies, restrooms, food, garbage and so on.

Highest Safety Standard for Oil and Machine

In addition, when considering air purification and scenting, do not put the safety of your customers and employees at stake by taking your chance with a supplier that does not fulfil high safety standards.

As the only member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) within the ambient scenting industry, ScentAir is held accountable to strict safety standards. Other prestigious IFRA members include Chanel, LVMH and Revlon. Our fragrances conform with the highest level of safety, efficiency and performance and do not contain any toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens. By meeting or even exceeding safety and regulatory requirements our fragrances are safe to human bodies, even when not diluted.

In addition, compared with traditional home fragrance, ambient scenting demands a higher standard for fragrance oils. Our fragrance oils are non-water-soluble, professionally formulated, of medium viscosity, and free from ozone depleting R59. As for the machines that diffuse the scents, our patented atomisation technology ensures optimised scenting performance by covering any indoor environment with a lasting pleasant scent. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services with advice on how to best operate the machines for the optimal results.

An ambient scenting system is typically composed of two major components – scent and machines – whose level of quality and safety are what determine the price of such systems. Systems of higher quality and better safety standards command a higher price for good reasons.

 Making Cost-Effective Decisions

Heavily hit by the pandemic, the gaming industry is slowly turning a corner. Keeping the traffic going and staff and visitors healthy will be key to a sustainable and more equitable recovery.

Fortunately, ScentAir solutions are highly affordable and present the prospect of good return on investment. As the only scent marketing company with fully integrated manufacturing, technical services, marketing and signature fragrance development teams, we specialise in assisting brands to enhance the environment and brand experiences through improved indoor air quality and the power of scent. One of our gaming clients conducted independent research to verify the validity of their own investment with ScentAir. Based on a 3-month pre-installation and 4-month post full casino floor installation, they recorded a 50% increase in positive reviews regarding air quality, cleanliness and atmosphere, and a 57% decrease in negative air quality comments in post stay reviews2.

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Fact Sources:

  1. The survey was conducted in April 2021 and polled a nationally representative sample of 2,500 consumers
  2. The data was reported by our client from 3 months pre-installation and 4 months post full casino floor installation. The data represents the findings of their independent reporting.