IGT: Cash Catch Panthers Gold

Cash Catch Panthers Gold combines a popular hold and spin feature with IGT’s unique waterfall game concept, as well as boosting the base game with regular wins to fuel further play for gamers.  Two features in the game, The Mega Catcher Free Games, and the Cash Catch Respins, are won through a Mystery Pick that gives players exposure to both feature games.  During standard play the game features prize catchers that float up the reels, one position per spin. When a catcher lands on a vault, the prize value is awarded. This provides a constant chase for the player and boosts their wins in the base game, increasing their opportunity to gain the main feature.

Denomination: Cash Catch Panthers Gold is available with player selectable denominations of 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, and the all-important $1 denomination is an important addition to the earlier IGT waterfall games.

Standard Base Game Feature

This standard game play feature uses the waterfall game concept (like IGT’s Bubble Blast games) with an open prize catcher floating up the screen, one space for each spin. The idea is for the player to get the open prize catcher to land on a “vault” symbol. This feature allows the players a win from the base game and extend their play time while they are playing through to the feature.

Game Features: In Cash Catch Panthers Gold the players are looking for 3 or more panthers to win the feature. There are two game features which are won through a mystery pick feature so they get to experience both, and with a high hit feature frequency the players will become familiar with both features quickly.

1. Hold and Spin Cash Catch Respin Feature

This feature introduces the waterfall game concept to the hold and spin feature. Each of the 15 spaces on the screen are filled with cash on reel prizes which move up the screen one space per free spin. In the background the reels are spinning and when a vault lands behind a cash on reel value the amount is held for the remainder of the free spins. 15 cash values held on-screen gives you the Grand Jackpot.  Each time you do land on one of the vaults you gain an extra free spin. The bonuses can also be won during the feature.

2. Mega Catcher Free Games

The Mega Catcher free games uses the waterfall feature style with catcher boxes that will cover a larger number of symbols giving players more chances to win cash amounts on screen. The catcher boxes can grow in size from one symbol through to a size that covers 5 x 5 symbols boosting a player’s chance to “catch a vault”

SAP Profile: Cash Catch Panthers Gold is available as a SAP, exclusively on the CrystalDual-i 27. There are three Grand Jackpot options for venues to choose of $2,500, $5,000 or $7,000 SAP. This range of jackpots allows venues to suit the liability they are willing to carry. Plus, there are two additional bonus levels that are scalable based on the denomination the player chooses. This gives high tier players an opportunity to boost their potential wins.

Volatility:  IGT’s waterfall games were traditionally medium volatility but with the hold and spin feature added, and the increased frequency of catcher boxes, this moves the game into the medium-high volatility category.  The Mystery Pick Feature also adds another layer of volatility and interest to this game and with a high feature hit rate, plus regular prize wins in the base game to fuel additional play, this game should have wide appeal among regular gamers.

Floor Position:  Cash Catch Panthers Gold is one of those games that will fit on a busy main gaming floor and in outdoor smoking areas in clubs and hotels. The game will appeal to the more serious player so should be placed mid room in a highly traffic area. Female players will enjoy the animal theme but with dark realistic art and game symbols male players won’t be put off, so once again, this game will suit several demographic gamer groups.


Cash Catch Panthers Gold is in the market in good numbers already with several weeks of performance data to analyse. The game has achieved great performance data across NSW Clubs but is also a standout among regional venues, proving its attraction for a wide gamer market.




Cash Catch Panthers Gold includes an interesting mix of popular and entertaining features accessed through both standard game play and feature play which will ensure good interest among players. The increased frequency of catcher symbols onscreen will provide players with a constant chase for entertainment focused players, and the addition of a $1 bet in the denom mix, plus scalable bonuses, will make the game more effective for higher tier players.