UTOPIA Gaming Systems (UTOPIA) announced on 3 December the (QOLGR) has formally approved its Global Gaming System for use in the Queensland market.

“It is an exciting day for UTOPIA and certainly a new era for Queensland gaming venues” said Alan Townsend, General Manager of UTOPIA Gaming Systems. “It is the first new monitoring system in Queensland in more than two decades”.

“The QOLGR approval process has been thorough and receiving the final approval is a huge milestone” said Alan. “It is a big tick for the integrity of our system and will give comfort to our potential customers.”

UTOPIA is certainly not new to the gaming industry having acquired Global Gaming Industries in 2016, UTOPIA operates its Global Gaming System in more than 1,000 venues across NSW, ACT and SA.

“UTOPIA has more gaming systems in NSW venues than any other supplier, so while we may be relatively new in Queensland we are a serious alternative” said Alan.“The Global Gaming System has been popular in NSW because of its simplicity and reliability – we want to provide these same benefits to Queensland venues”.

While the features and functionality are important, the role of the LMO is much more than just operating a system. UTOPIA understands the importance of quality service and maintenance.

UTOPIA Gaming Systems is part of The Banktech Group that owns and operates the CashConnect ATM Network, as well as providing other payment and cash handling devices.

“Banktech has been operating in Queensland since 2000 and has built strong relationships with venues because of their service and support” said Alan.

“They understand the importance of reliable gaming equipment and will play a significant role in delivering quality service to our venues”.


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