UTOPIA Gaming Systems, the owner of the Global Gaming System, is excited to announce its innovative new cashless gaming product, Global MIMO, is now available in NSW.  This comes after the new CCU6 PLUS was recently approved by the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Global MIMO (Money In Money Out) delivers all the benefits of TITO but at a significant cost saving.  It is a great alternative to TITO because it eliminates the need to install ticket printers in every machine and also reduces the ongoing running costs – not to mention no more tickets!

Global MIMO is a non-member card based solution and is best described as “card based” TITO. It can be used standalone or alongside an existing Global TITO system.

Like TITO, the customer starts by inserting cash into a gaming machine and starts playing. When ready to move machines, the customer inserts their non-member player card into the machine and the balance is immediately transferred. They can then insert the card in the next machine to keep playing, or if ready to collect, the player takes their Global MIMO card to the Banktech CRT or cashier’s desk.

Alan Townsend, General Manager of UTOPIA said “Global MIMO puts cashless gaming within reach of every club and pub and also prepares the venue for the shift to digital gaming at some time in the future.”


To find out more about Global MIMO click here or call us on 1800 200 201.