Technology and consumer preferences are moving faster than ever, and that makes it more important than ever for clubs and casinos to have a partner they can trust to develop a technology roadmap that will be effective for them today and in the future.

JCM Global® (JCM) is known worldwide for developing lasting partnerships with its customers. Connecting, listening, and partnering define JCM’s culture and mission to find meaningful solutions for its customers. Those meaningful solutions help venues of all sizes enhance their guest experience, increase efficiencies, and boost security at their properties.

That partnership moves to the next level when JCM works closely with customers to develop technology roadmaps that prepare for and respond to evolutions in technology, player preferences, and regulatory requirements.

While each customer’s technology roadmap is developed uniquely for that customer’s business needs and goals, one common element for operators in Australia will be JCM’s next-generation bill validator, the UBA® Pro. The all-new UBA Pro is the natural evolution of JCM’s award-winning UBA® Universal Bill Acceptor, and it sets new standards in the kiosk, retail, and gaming industries.

Meticulously designed for modern business environments, the UBA Pro’s improved design delivers better performance including faster note-to-note acceptance, new features, and reduced service and repair downtime.

There are four key areas that make UBA Pro the bill validator prepared for the modern era: improved design, better performance, enhanced security, and greater serviceability.

UBA Pro’s improved design includes a dust and liquid resistant design, meaning operators can expect a longer lifecycle. It is also compatible with JCM’s ICB® Intelligent Cash Box and FUZION® systems, and it is sized to be a plug-and-play upgrade to existing bill validators.

The UBA Pro’s better performance beings with its faster note-to-note speed, which averages a validation speed of 2.2 seconds. An automatic centering mechanism reduces jams, and 4-way barcode reader empowers the UBA Pro to accept a wider range of tickets.

The UBA Pro accepts all the worlds’ currencies along with enhanced security features including a new and superior sensor package and patented anti-stringing technology.

Responding to feedback from poker machine technicians, the UBA Pro was also built with a modular design, so it is very service-friendly.

What else would you expect from a company born from innovation?


Learn more about JCM’s technology roadmaps and the UBA Pro at jcmglobal.com