According to the annual survey on Americans’ attitudes towards gaming recently published by the American Gaming Association (AMA) a record 49 percent of American adults have a favourable view of the casino gaming industry, up 4%s from 2018.

As in prior years, Americans see the gaming industry as helping local economies and creating jobs, but more than ever they also see the industry as helping the communities where it operates.

71% of Americans say that casinos create jobs

57% of Americans say that casinos help local economies

49% of Americans say that casinos help the local communities where they are located

The increase in favourability coincides with a surge in casino visitation and a widespread perception that the industry provides innovative, high-quality types of entertainment. The share of American adults that visited a casino in the last year jumped to 44 percent in 2019, up nine percentage points in 2018. This trend looks to continue as almost 124 million American adult —49 percent of the U.S. adult population— say they will visit a casino to gamble over the next 12 months, up 20 million from 2018.

Further, two-in-three Americans (67%) think the gaming industry provides high-quality entertainment and 63 percent say casino entertainment options are innovative

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