As part of the new gaming reforms in NSW, all venues with gaming machines are required to have a Gaming Plan of Management (GPOM) in place by 1st September 2024. The GPOM identifies your venue’s responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) obligations and details the proactive measures your venue is implementing to meet these obligations. It serves as a comprehensive guide on how the venue will ensure compliance with legislation, whilst also supporting a best practice approach to gaming.

The GPOM is crucial for outlining procedures and policies that promote responsible gambling, support patrons, and mitigate potential risks associated with gaming activities. It ensures that your venue adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, thereby protecting your business from legal repercussions and enhancing its reputation within the community.

In addition to implementing a GPOM, it is recommended that your venue initiates an independent Gaming Compliance Audit every 12 months. This audit is critical for ensuring your venue’s ongoing compliance with the GPOM. Regular audits help identify any gaps in compliance, allowing your venue to address issues proactively before they escalate into more significant problems.

A covert gaming audit provides a valuable opportunity to obtain an impartial assessment of your venue’s operations, particularly during peak trading periods when senior management may not be present, and compliance breaches are more likely to occur. These audits are conducted discreetly, offering a true reflection of your venue’s adherence to the GPOM and RCG obligations in real time.

Alternatively, an overt audit involves an on-site meeting with a designated manager and assesses the current compliance documentation and procedures in place. Our team assists by thoroughly reviewing your venue’s practices, identifying any shortfalls, and providing tailored recommendations to ensure your venue is fully compliant. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining compliance but also enhances operational efficiency and staff accountability.

By integrating these audits into your venue’s routine operations, you can ensure that your gaming practices remain aligned with regulatory standards and industry best practices. This not only helps in avoiding potential penalties but also fosters a safer and more responsible gaming environment for your patrons, making your venue more sustainable.


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