In the heart of gaming rooms, where clubs and pubs thrive, every detail counts. From the choice of machines to the placement of each element—lights, games, and floor plans—meticulous planning and research shape the ultimate experience.

At Nufurn, we apply the same level of dedication to our gaming stools. They’re not just seats; they are extensions of your machines. We meticulously select comfortable foams, ergonomic backrests, and tailor seat heights to complement your machine bases. From optimal footrest placement to preferred swivel mechanisms, every detail is customized for maximum patron comfort.

As Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of premium gaming stools, Nufurn collaborates closely with clubs, pubs, hotels, and casinos nationwide. Our goal: to enhance VIP guest comfort and optimize your return on investment.

Choosing the right gaming stools is crucial—they are an asset that should align with both your guests’ needs and your venue’s long-term maintenance strategy. With over 30 seat shell designs and 20 base options, Nufurn offers more than 600 combinations. And if none fit your exact requirements, our experts are ready to create bespoke designs through a hassle-free consultation.

Join us at this year’s Australian Gaming Expo, stand 220, where we will be unveiling new designs.

Contact us at 1800 650 019 or visit us to discover how we can advise on the ideal gaming stools for your venue.


We look forward to enhancing your gaming experience with Nufurn’s expertise.