DOOLEYS, a name synonymous with community and excellence, proudly announces the unveiling of ‘Regent St Pavilion.’ Nestled in the heart of Regents Park, this newly transformed venue promises to redefine entertainment and dining experiences in Western Sydney.

Affectionately known as ‘Rego’ by local members, this club has been a well-kept secret in the Regents Park suburban landscape since it first opened. Six decades have passed since the inception of the Regents Park Bowling Club, and the transformation of ‘Rego’ into ‘Regent St Pavilion’ marks a significant milestone in its illustrious history.

In a changing landscape where dining and entertainment options have proliferated, DOOLEYS recognised the need to evolve. To cater to a diverse and ever-growing local market, a once underutilised outdoor bowling green has been reimagined into a dynamic alfresco dining and entertainment space. The Regent St Pavilion is primed to welcome the summer season with open arms.

As you approach via Regent Street, a previously understated entrance, the newfound allure of the venue greets you with an inviting vista of the alfresco dining space, the crowning jewel of the Regent St Pavilion.

Boasting an all-weather marquee, a trendy pop-up bar serving an array of refreshing beverages, and an outdoor kids play area, this vibrant space exudes warmth and hospitality. Patrons can bask in the shade of comfortable seating or gather around intimate tables, all within a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

The culinary delights at Regent St Pavilion have received a fresh makeover, guided by the culinary expertise of Head Chef Madin Pandit, a two-time award-winner in the ClubsNSW Perfect Plate Awards. The menu combines Australian flavours with an American twist, emphasising value for money and uncompromising quality. From Schnitzel, Battered Fish, and Steak to the award-winning Lamb Rump and delectable pork ribs with a homemade smoky BBQ glaze, there’s something for everyone. The menu is available for both lunch and dinner daily.

With a focus on appealing to a younger demographic, Regent St Pavilion aims to captivate young families, who make up nearly 25% of the local Regents Park community. DOOLEYS’ Chief Executive Officer, David Mantle, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “DOOLEYS is pleased to have been able to reimagine the venue for future generations, giving it a muchneeded refresh that resonates with the new families and young people joining Regents Park  and the local Cumberland community every day. As we endeavour to expand our younger membership base, we remain committed to catering to our loyal members with enhanced food and beverage offerings, favourite club activities, and our signature friendly service.”

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Regent St Pavilion is conveniently located at 67 Regent Road, Regents Park, just a short fiveminute  walk from the Regents Park Train Station.