With the recent changes in working from home and remote meetings most business have ventured into the remote meeting space utilising a plethora of solutions including Zoom, Google, Microsoft Teams and many others.

Whist Microsoft Teams has been around for some time it initially lacked significant features to compete with Zoom and many other meeting solutions. Now Microsoft has improved their solution by encompassing cloud based IPBX solutions into your Microsoft Teams app. A cloud IPBX, or virtual PBX, provides a secure and reliable office phone system through an internet connection. It provides businesses with flexibility and scalability while also maintaining low costs and for hospitality businesses, can also integrate with existing internal communications systems and phone lines such as the Duty Managers’ Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones.

The Microsoft Teams client for all devices is a polished software application that supports video and audio calls. Whilst many products compete in this space, with their ownership of the Office 365 software suite, the Microsoft Teams solution will grow into an industry standard platform.

Secom Tech has been working with Microsoft Teams software for many years and has identified areas that make the solution more effective in a club environment than other options.  Secom Technology has partnered with a premium telephone provider to meet the needs of on premise IPBX integration with Microsoft Teams. This ensures Clubs can retain their current on-premises or cloud based IPBX solution DECT / IP phone infrastructure, whilst integrating with Microsoft Teams for all or specific Teams members.

These club enhanced improvements include:

  • true SIP integration for DECT phones widely used in used in clubs for their superior ruggedness
  • extended DECT phone range
  • ability to handle direct poker machine messaging
  • integration to intercoms, car park help points, and duress buttons

The integration provides true extension twinning, ensuring that the incoming public number is ported to the users Teams device, which now shows the true incoming number rather than the number of the system transferring or forwarding the number. This level of integration is a game changer for a true low-cost communications integration in clubs.

Utilising Secom’s partner paging and messaging application Notify.Me, your staff can have a true single device solution for all their communication needs both onsite and offsite.


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