FWC President Justice Iain Ross has issued a statement on the progress of the Commission’s four-yearly review of modern awards, setting out a timeline for final exposure drafts.

The review, begun in 2014, comprises three stages – “an initial stage to deal with any jurisdictional issues, an award stage where each award is being reviewed in its own right and a common issues stage where claims that affect all or a number of awards are dealt with by a dedicated full bench”.

The FWC has determined all technical and drafting issues relating to the majority of awards, explained the president, and exposure drafts had been updated accordingly, “along with a number of common issue decisions”.

The exposure drafts, divided into groups (to allocate, click on ‘Award Group’ in right hand column) will be republished over the coming weeks, he said, with interested parties given an opportunity to comment.

Group 1 awards were republished yesterday.

“In the coming weeks I will publish a statement dealing with the plain language project, which will detail all matters referred to that full bench and provide an outline of a process for finalising those matters.”

4 yearly review of modern awards–award stage [2019] FWC 932 (13 February 2019)