A sandbox trial is the proof-of-concept trial that allows for full operational testing in a real-world environment. It provides data for independent evaluation, monitoring or testing operational features, and identifying and resolving practical issues. A successful trial will deliver benefits to those customers involved, and also provide strong evidence for both regulators and club managers to support any procedural adjustments or rule changes that may be required, before it becomes more widely available.

IGT’s digital wallet has been operating in international markets for many years, but the sandbox trial at Club York is the last remaining hurdle before approval in NSW.

So how is IGT’s solution going to shape the future of cashless gaming in NSW clubs and hotels?

Single Wallet Solution

 Players who are already users of wagering and sports-betting apps will find IGT’s digital wallet solution incredibly intuitive, particularly when moving funds onto their wallet. The one-step, single-wallet deposit approach will be familiar given the ubiquity of this funding method across all existing apps in the market.

Other solutions currently being trialled in the sandbox require funds to be transferred into one wallet, then pushed into another specifically for gaming – an unfamiliar and unnecessary extra step.

Using both digital and physical cards

 Both digital and physical (magstripe) membership cards work with IGT’s cashless solution.  Physical cards work as-is at all existing endpoints such as EGMs, POS, kiosks, and carparks. Digital cards on a players phone also work at all these endpoints in the same way by simply replacing the insertion or swipe of the card with a phone tap.

And, both options continue to work as they already do in many clubs but with the addition of funding player accounts from a debit card

Direct deposits on the gaming floor

With harm minimisation controls in place in the form of payment delays, IGT’s digital wallet solution will allow deposits to occur on the gaming floor. Due to IGT’s single wallet solution, once a deposit is successfully processed, a five-minute countdown timer commences until funds are available for gaming.

The user journey is truly mobile, unlike other solutions which require patrons to leave the gaming area to perform the funds transfer on their own mobile device.

Harm minimisation is key

IGT’s cashless solution places additional harm minimisation controls in the players’ hands.  Players can initiate formal self-exclusions or simply take a break from gaming. If they choose to take a break their cashless account is disabled for a user defined 24+ hours.

Players can also view their spend and play activity and set limits on their spend across multiple time periods.

Club York sandbox trial

According to John van Waard, IGT Director of Systems Product and Sales, “We are ready to hit the ground running with our digital wallet solution operating across all 110 EGMs at Club York”

“Our digital wallet offering is based on IGT’s tried, tested and proven global product, which has definitely put us at an advantage in terms of having the right technology on hand to develop a seamless solution that suits our local market requirements.”

One advantage of the current media discussion on cashless gaming in NSW, and NSW State election coming early in 2023, means the pressure will be on the regulators to ensure the digital wallet trials   go ahead with an appropriate level of priority.

Realistically, as IGT’s digital wallet solution has been operating successfully internationally for many years, it is hard to see why there would be any significant delays in its approval for NSW.