The traditional way of handling IT system technical problems is the break-fix cycle, or worse… the break-Band-Aid cycle. With increased digitisation, network interactions, cloud and Wi-Fi protection, security of sensitive data and the need for greater mobility, the average club or pub sees more and more complexity in their IT requirements.

Most clubs and hotels are using many data systems and services including gaming systems, check-in systems, till systems, beverage control systems, paging systems and many laptops, desktops and mobile phones, all interconnected. On top of this are many software overlays including firewalls, AV systems and office software all requiring constant protective updates.

Risking a blowout on any one of these systems can be costly and time-consuming and the temptation to patch it to get it up and running quickly, rather than fixing it properly, just leads to a recurrence of the problem repeatedly with escalating costs.

What are “Managed IT Services”?

A “Managed IT Service” is designed to make life for clubs and hotels easier, by monitoring technology proactively 24/7, to detect and fix potential issues before they cause a disaster in the venue during busy trading periods. Using remote monitoring programs, Secom Technology are an Australian hospitality systems specialist IT Service who understand that in the club/hotel business downtime caused by IT problems involve financial loss, critical data loss and significant customer service issues.

What are the unique requirements for clubs and hotels considering Managed IT Services?

  • 100% Australian

With international supply chains for parts and customer support so compromised in recent years, Secom Tech provides its Australian customers with a 100% Australian owned and operated Managed IT Service, with a 100% Australian-based support call centre, and are a 100% supplied with Australian parts and components business.

While we always concentrate on preventing things from breaking in the first place, if the problem does escalate, a proactive Australian based and supplied service ensures improved uptime and reduced costs for Secom Tech customers.

  • Experience counts

One of the most frustrating aspects of information technology is the labour that comes with installing hardware. You’re also responsible for providing preventive care to ensure the equipment is always performing optimally. Secom techs engineers are experienced and qualified technicians, so they understand the technical scope of hardware and software management. Not only do they make sure the installation is done efficiently, but they also follow up with preventive maintenance to ensure everything is always running at its best.

Traditional break-fix IT doesn’t allow your IT services provider much insight into your ongoing needs. They come in, fix the problem, bill you for their time, and they’re onto another client. Longer-term managed services agreements position Managed IT Services providers as partners that gain a better understanding of your business over time.

How does a Managed IT Service save costs?

  • Regulating Cash Flow

Accurately forecasting when you spend money is nearly as important as how much you spend. The biggest issue with the break-fix cycle is that you never know how much something will cost to fix it or patch it and how often the problem will continue to occur.

Managed IT Services provided by Secom Technology help with this problem by offering a reliable, easy to understand fixed monthly pricing structure that is consistent, month after month, year after year. Your technology is monitored constantly, and you’re alerted when it looks like a problem may be looming or software requires an update, so surprise bills become a thing of the past.

  • Prevention

Having Managed IT Services means that your IT service provider can help prevent problems from turning in to budget black holes. In the club and hotel industry identifying a maintenance plan means that the costliest of issues, a crash during trade, can be prevented through monitoring and updating hardware and software on a schedule.

By preventing potential problems up front, you get to reduce the surprises that cost both your team’s time, and your bottom line.

  • Technology Advice from Experts

With managed IT services, you gain access to strategic technology advice. Today’s technology comes with a rapidly changing array of choices and options. Working with an IT partner, you receive advice on developing an IT budget, reducing costs, vendor management and selecting the right hardware and software for your specific business needs. Making informed purchasing decisions based on unbiased expert advice is yet another way to save time and money.

Why is it important to use a Managed IT Service that understands the club/hotel industry?

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind

A club or hotel business needs a managed IT service that understands they don’t shut down for long each day and with security and data issues that threaten hospitality businesses, monitoring your computer systems for routine system outages as well as hardware or software failures around the clock is essential.

If anything goes wrong — even in the middle of the night — an experienced local professional is there to resolve the situation.

  • Better network and data security

Every day, we hear about another business that has had its data exposed through a security breach. Clubs and hotels hold large amounts of customer data requiring high level security. When you work with a managed IT service that understands clubs and hotels, their primary focus is making sure that your IT assets are current on all security patches, updates and anti-virus software.

Additionally, Secom Tech’s partner Untangle NG Firewall provides internationally recognised security, visibility and control of your network alerting and preventing hacking and spam issues.

  • Disaster Planning and Protection

Proactively planning and preparing for a disaster isn’t something most business owners like to think about, but it’s critical to keeping your technology running if an unanticipated business interruption occurs.


What sized club or hotel will benefit from Managed IT Services?

Secom’s managed IT services are a scalable solution for any sized club or hotel business, with a fixed monthly cost.


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