What would happen if right now you carried out a “key audit” – a simple check of the status of the keys used in your business.

Do you think you’d be able to determine the location of every key – whether they be held by your team members, contractors, service providers or communal keys held in a central location. Would all the keys you hold still be in use, or even work?

You might get a result that is surprising – and unfortunately the surprise may mean that:

  1. You’re spending a surprising amount of money and time traying to manage your keys well and
  2. There are some gaps in the security that keys are meant to offer.

Some of the dangers of legacy key management systems are:

  • PINs (or other user credentials) being shared for access to keys or key cabinets.
  • Lack of integration with access control systems.
  • Not knowing when keys are returned.
  • Keys out-growing the key cabinet – meaning not all keys are residing in the cabinet.

We raised the question of Key Management with the go-to security provider for our industry, Steve Van Zwieten from Exact Technologies:

“Yeah, we have often scratched our heads when we’ve installed a sophisticated access control system from Gallaghers or Integriti and then notice big gaps the management of keys, or cards, or access tags. Legacy key management systems can create big security openings in even the best access systems.”

“Of course, we’ve looked to help clients tighten up this aspect of their security and now, we’re able to provide our clients with probably the best key management system – Torus.”

Steve guided us through the Torus Key Management System and this Australian made and designed technology is very impressive.  Torus was founded on the belief that the value of any technology lies in the improvement it can deliver to peoples’ lives … and their key management undoubtedly satisfies that goal.

Some of the advantages Torus delivers include:

  • Solutions are available for businesses of every size, from small businesses through to large multi-site enterprises.
  • Integration with access control systems including Integritii and Gallagher.
  • Automated alerts when keys are not returned at designated times.
  • Duress PIN codes for notifying the monitoring centre or police in hold-up or other duress situations.

Key management solutions from TORUS have now joined the stable of premium technology solutions available through Exact Technologies.

For more information about how Torus can help your key management contact Exact Technologies today.

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