Keno always has the future in sight: whether it’s innovative product development or clever product marketing, the team remains focussed on keeping momentum going for Keno’s club partners.

Off the back of its highly successful Fun Money Frenzy promotion, which attracted over 120,000 entries and gave away $150,000 in cash and prizes, Keno’s marketing team has developed a new campaign to assist venues continue driving turnover and participation in the game.

And what a year for jackpots it’s been so far! Between 30 June 2018 and 9 April 2019, Keno gave away 1094 7 spots, 127 8 spots, 16 9 spots and ten 10 spots. The value of the 7 spots alone exceeded $11 million, while in total, Keno gave away $708 million in cash prizes between 30 June 2018 and 14 April 2019.

The premise of Keno’s newest campaign is simple: ‘It’s Time for Keno’. It illustrates this to club customers through use of targeted messaging surrounding the occasions they could play Keno in their local club.

“The greatest value of Keno is how easily it fits into the occasion a customer may be in venue for,” explains Keno’s Head of Retail, Luke Harrison.

“The campaign aims to communicate how there’s always time for Keno, no matter what the occasion, whether it’s watching Friday night footy with your mates, having a coffee catch up with friends or going out for dinner with the family.

“The creative highlights to customers that Keno is a great way to spend time anytime they visit their favourite club and they could become a millionaire on top of just enjoying themselves.”

While the official campaign only runs until 5 May, the ‘It’s Time for Keno’ theme will be an ongoing part of Keno’s marketing repertoire, which has been a solid act in 2018/19 with the launch of the new Keno Champions League program, Keno Connect web site and Local Area Marketing solution.

However, there’s more to come before the year is out, according to Harrison.

“Keno is committed to delivering marketing initiatives that are easily implemented by our venue partners and achieve strong year-round sales results for them.

“Our recent Fun Money Frenzy promotion prompted strong ticket sales increases in clubs across the state and the team are now developing our next product campaign, which will be aimed at bolstering sales of Keno Mega Millions.”

During the ‘it’s Time for Keno’ campaign, Keno pushed out the message with animations running across KDS and ePOS, plus Nightlife, venue Facebook and Instagram Page Images, Bet Receipt Messaging, and digital activity including sponsored Facebook posts and Snapchat Lens.

To find out more about the upcoming Keno Mega Millions campaign, contact your Keno Sales Executive today.