Laundy Hotels is supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation throughout March, donating money from every one of their burgers sold from Boss Burgers of Sydney.

Key Laundy pubs including the Long Jetty Hotel, Plumpton Hotel, South Dubbo Hotel and head office Twin Willows Hotel will engage in the promotion throughout the month.

In addition, at the Twin Willows and Crossways Hotels, for one week only, the exclusive ‘Double D’ fried chicken burger will be available from 19 March.

Launch day for the ‘Double D’ will also see competitive eaters & food blogger “Isaac eats-a Lot” and Jesse ‘food coma’ Freeman see how many heart-stopping Double Ds they can eat between them in under 15 minutes.

From each of the selection of Boss Burgers sold, $1 will be donated to the Foundation, in support of research into breast cancer, which affects hundreds of Australian families each year.

Arthur Laundy and the group are also looking to find corporate sponsors to be involved with the event, offering to pledge a given sum for each of the burgers eaten by the competitors on Double D Manic Monday.

If you’d like to talk to them about sponsorship – enquiries can be made via PubTIC article


Source: Article courtesy of Clyde Mooney, Editor PubTIC