A pub landlord has taken aim at Karl Stefanovic in a row over the price of pub grub after Stefanovic’s rant about the price of a schnitzel at what is actually a restaurant, (situated in an old bowling club building) in Sydney’s Inner West.

Confusion over the use of the term “club” for Skinny Tony’s, a privately owned restaurant, has caused headaches for real clubs and pubs in the area following Stafanovic’s rant where it is feared news reports of the prices discussed will deter people from visiting other venues – where the price of a schnitty is still realistic!

Grant Jones from Club Management Magazine featured a story on this confusion last week >>>

One publican, Andrew Guthrie, who co-owns the Pinnacle Family Hotel in Mackay and O’Shea’s pub in Walkerston, Queensland, was upset at the Today show host’s whinge about the price of a chicken schnitzel.

Stefanovic launched into a rant earlier this week about a Sydney “bowlo” charging $28.90 for a chicken schnitzel meal, with additional side options costing even more.

Mr Guthrie, whose pubs are renowned for their homemade pies and generously-sized crumbed steaks, said pubs were struggling to make ends meet as “the cost of everything has gone up”.

“We’re not capitalising and murdering people with price increases. We’re actually pretty fair in reality,” Mr Guthrie told the Daily Mercury.

“You pay $26 for a beautiful fresh parmigiana, you’re paying $28.95 now – big deal,” he said.

He said he did not enjoy putting the price of a schooner up by 40 or 50 cents, but the overheads for pubs had skyrocketed in recent months.

“A million things have gone up in price,” he said.

“Insurance, alcohol, licensing fees, fuel… As everybody knows, every single thing in life in the past 12 months has gone through the roof.”

Mr Guthrie added that it was “sad” to read Stefanovic’s comments because they would stop people coming to pubs.

On Tuesday, Stefanovic said Sydney had “lost the plot” after he was confronted with Five Dock Bowling Club hefty fee of $46.70 for a chicken schnitzel.

The schnitty itself is priced at $28.90, with chips and salad setting customers back even further.

While the dish comes with an includes side of baked veggies, added fries are priced at $6.90, and a side salad will set customers back another $8.90.

“This is outrageous, this is un-Australian,” Stefanovic’s co-host Sarah Abo said.

While Mr Guthrie would not have been aware of the venues status as a privately owned restaurant, rather than a bowlo, he makes many relevant points outlining costs many guests don’t see.


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