Social Media and Facebook, in particular, have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. First, there was the misuse of Facebook data around the US elections and then UK pub group Witherspoon’s dramatic exit from all social media channels last week. It’s sparked plenty of business discussions across the globe.

But Social Media is not a novelty.  It’s where and how your customers increasingly communicate. Countless businesses have found tremendous success in building communities and driving leads and traffic through social campaigns. Social media is also eminently targeted and measurable – something traditional media often struggles with.

To divorce yourself from these powerful social media channels is hard to rationalise – especially when there is nothing new to replace it.  Your customers are not going to go backwards, so why would you?

What is understandable is that many businesses are becoming overwhelmed with social media – or should I say overwhelmed with executing social media effectively.

A big misconception is that social media is free. It’s not. It takes resources and it takes proper planning and developing a specific social media strategy for each of your business arms.

It’s not a matter of just posting anything – there is so much white noise out there that is just cluttering up people’s pages. The latest changes to Facebook’s algorithms mean these types of posts will become less and less effective and fewer and fewer people will see them.  So you need to change your approach.

If you’re doing social media without a strategic plan – you’re wasting your time and your money.


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