Just about every club and pub in Australia has a variety of TV monitors and digital screens that are used for informing, directing, advising, entertaining and promoting to their customers. However, none of these screens are being used to provide similar information solutions to staff.

A lot of hospitality staff are casuals or part-time and many receive little or no upskilling. A Melbourne based management and training company, GDT Hospitality has come up with a solution that can be utilised immediately by managers and line staff alike.

Called HospitalityTV it uses a tiny HDMI media player which converts any TV monitor into a computer that allows you to develop, schedule and broadcast digital media anywhere. There is no need for wiring, cabling or installation making it a portable resource in the venue. It only needs wireless connectivity to upload content. All a venue has to do is basically switch the TV monitor on or off.

The content includes instructional videos, product knowledge, customer service tips, selling and upselling skills, hints and prompts, operational skills, compliance updates (RSA / RSF / RSG /OHS), event notifications, quizzes – in fact any information you wish to impart to staff to assist in providing a better customer service experience.

Staff can access the content which is provided in short and to the point bites at any time – before or after a shift, during quiet times or at any designated time.

If you want to know more about HospitalityTV see:

www.hospitalitytv.com.au   and     www.gtd.com.au
Or contact: Joe Pav  Phone: 0419-350634     Email: