In New South Wales, authorities have slapped a Sydney pub with $10,000 in fines for repeatedly breaching COVID-safe requirements.

Liquor and Gaming inspectors conducted snap audit visits at The Phoenix Hotel in Woollahra three separate times this week.

Each time, breaches of social distancing rules and other health and hygiene measures were discovered.

On the third visit, still finding breaches, officers issued $10,000 worth of fines.

Other hospitality operators still not getting it can expect a similar heavy-handed approach.

“When we visited venues in June, we provided education and advice. Now when we return, we want to see that they’ve turned things around,” Director of Compliance Dimitri Argeres said.

“The Phoenix Hotel should have been aware of their sign-in obligations and spacing between chairs, tables and patrons.

“If you’ve been visited by us already, you’re not off the hook – we will show up again and we will have higher expectations the next time around.”

A COVID-safe blitz over the past two weeks has seen inspectors conduct 896 visits and fine 31 venues.