Tabcorp has teamed up with Mindway AI to leverage the data and tech company’s artificial intelligence solutions and ensure that consumers are better protected when gambling. The Australian gambling giant now seeks to tackle problem gambling by promoting and focusing on early interventions and addressing early signs of the behaviour.

Presently, Mindway AI covers more than 6.5 million active online players across the globe and 20 countries. Commenting on this opportunity, Tabcorp Chief Customer Officer Jeanni Barnett welcomed the opportunity to step up the company’s efforts and ensure that consumers are protected from end-to-end. Barnett explained:

“Our collaboration with Mindway AI is a key step forward in our commitment to caring for our customers, reducing harm, and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.”

Barnett has further hailed Mindway AI’s solutions as some of the best technologies there are to ensure that harmful behaviour is nipped in the bud and that early symptoms of problem gambling are addressed swiftly and reliably.

Proactive measures are now pretty much how gambling issues should be addressed, with regulators around the globe leaning heavily on operators to ensure that they have a preventative approach towards early symptoms of gambling disorders.

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