In 2017, Barringtons teamed up with The Drop to deliver their first-ever VIP Host Management Program in Australia. The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015) with an industry recognised Certificate in VIP Host Management was created specifically for those working in gaming loyalty across Australia.

This innovative course continues to hit the mark for those willing to learn and progress in the industry. As one participant explained, I hate studying, yet love learning – and this is what this course is all about! It teaches you a lot of real-life, practical stuff without having to read a lot, as people share their own first-hand experience with each other.” The value of hands-on experience is reinforced by IGT, who have sponsored a number of overseas study tours for one dedicated student.

Winner of the IGT Trip overseas – Group 1 – Laura Hodgson from Doyalson Wyee RSL

Combining nationally accredited and practical, non-accredited training, the VIP Host Management course ensures a focus on customer service, creating an understanding of loyalty programs and enhancing skills in leading and managing teams, while building club service standards.

Linda Bunt is the course trainer, who works at Club Marconi, has extensive experience in the world of VIP hosting, having worked in clubs for many years and The Star Casino for twelve years prior. Linda has developed and implemented numerous VIP loyalty programs and enjoyed training countless staff and management to increase patron loyalty, venue profitability and make their mark in an ever-changing industry.

Jamie Neil from Club Rivers said, “The VIP Host Management course has helped me to see things through the eyes of people that might not have a single focus on the gaming side. This has given me insights form a diverse range of individuals and has set me up to succeed at innovative endeavours by utilising different angles of approach.”

Rochelle Bandiera from St George Leagues agrees, saying, “Meeting people in similar yet very diverse rolls in loyalty and gaming gave such a good perspective.”

The biggest benefit for Rupinder Singh from Norths was that he “got a chance to meet key people from other venues and that has improved my industry networking, but also I was amazed to see how every venue has similar issues that we have to tackle on daily basis.”

When asked what feedback they would provide to others who are thinking about doing the VIP Host Management Program, graduates responded:

“Get involved as much as possible, ask as many questions as you can and milk the knowledge in the room for all it’s worth.”

“It’s a great way to focus on what’s important in a venue. How to manage staff properly and understand your customers.”

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn and progress in the industry. It will take you to places (other venues) you wouldn’t normally go yourself! It is a short term investment that will help you in the long run.”

At the end of the course, participants agreed there was huge value in being able to network with other course participants, as well as meeting venue managers who were able to share their own experiences. The highlight of the course is the final two-day session of the program, which includes a trip to The Crown Casino in Melbourne for a graduation dinner and a tour of their VIP rooms to discuss loyalty programs.

The next course is due to start at the end of June, to enrol in this course, contact Tanya Hill at or on 0432 731 820. For more information visit our website at

Author: Viktoria Darabi

VIP Host Management Class of 2018