Ainsworth has had much success with their Grand Fortune Link over the last year and they have now lifted the bar with the new Jackpot Kingdom Link. This link has been well researched and designed from a players perspective and includes many interesting features and details.

There are three games in the Jackpot Kingdom game family: Lion’s Spirit, Elephant’s Empire and Rhino’s Run, with the new ‘Shake and Break’ hold and spin repeat win feature common to all games in the Jackpot Kingdom family.  Each game has a unique free games feature with a strong focus on multipliers.

There is a shift in the NSW and QLD markets towards a greater variety of links on our gaming floors. A quick look at the Maxgaming ranking charts for January 2022 shows that 8 links had games in the rankings above the “average benchmark” in NSW. By January 2024 that number has increased to 12. There is a continuing move for clubs in NSW to ensure a good range of links are available for players at all levels of interest – a fact QLD, the biggest link market in the country, has known for years.

Jackpot Kingdom design priorities.

Ainsworth made significant efforts when designing the Jackpot Kingdom Link to listen to feedback from players in the field, and have incorporated many of their priorities into the game design. As a result, the art, math, sound and animation all work together in this game range. They have provided players with an elevated hold and spin experience through both the Shake ‘n Break repeat win  feature and a focus on strong multipliers in the free games.

Shake ‘n Break Feature

Players trigger the Shake ‘n Break feature with 6 or more Gold Coins. The Gold Coins feature credit prizes up to 50 times a players bet, as well as the bonus prizes or Maxi and Major Jackpots.

A players’ main focus is on collecting more Gold Coins or the Zulu Shields in the feature. Every time a player lands either of these symbols the spins reset to three. When landed, the Zulu Shield adds its credit win amount to each of the prizes on all Gold Coins already on the screen, so it acts as a repeat win trigger. The further through the feature the players get when they land the Zulu Shield symbol the better, as by then they have filled the screen with many Gold Coin credit prizes for the Zulu Shield to add credits too.

During the market researching design phase, players identified that they dislike gaining a feature and not getting many of the required symbols to ensure a worthwhile win. In the Shake ‘n Break feature, Ainsworth has ensured players will see the Zulu Shields frequently while also collecting Gold Coins to help extend the feature and the excitement of play.

Once they have collected the Gold Coin credit amounts the Zulu Shields become Gold Coins themselves and are held for the remaining games. A nice touch is that the Gold Coin that was a Zulu Shield has a highlighted border so players get to the end of the feature and can see how many Zulu Shields they were awarded during the feature.  It’s a great way of highlighting the main component of the Shake ‘n Break feature and builds loyalty for the players.

If players land the Bonus Coin symbols during feature, the bonus amount is added to the credit prize which boosts players chances of a good win even further.

Grand Jackpot start-ups are available at $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000. A player must fill the screen with 15 Gold Coins to win the Grand Jackpot.

Free games boosted with multipliers

The free games are unique in all three of the Jackpot Kingdom games. As an added level of interest, players can still trigger the Shake ‘n Break feature from within the free games. This means players can access the hold and spin feature from every part of the game.

In all of these games the main character, the lion, the rhino and the elephant, are the symbols that contain the multipliers, and will build recognition for the players with the value of those animal symbols.

Rhinos Run: 3 or more scattered pots trigger the 6 free game series. In this game Reels 2 and 4 contain a Rhino with either 3x or 5x multipliers.


Lions Spirit: 3 or more scattered Trees triggers the 6 free games feature –all the Lion symbols are Wilds with 2x multipliers and the frees spins can be retriggered.


Elephants Empire: 3 or more Blue Diamond’s trigger the 6 free games feature. This game has an increasing wild multiplier where players start with a 2x multiplier and increase up to a 10x multiplier. So, on the 1st spin the elephants contain 2x multipliers, the next 3x, then 4x, 5x, 8x and 10 in the final free spin. If a player retriggers the free games feature, all additional spins will be at the 10x multiplier.


Jackpot Kingdom ticks many boxes

It’s the small one-percenters that build a rapport for players within these games and the boxes are ticked frequently in this game range:

  • Players can easily see the main symbols they are chasing because they stand out – the graphics are very strong and appealing.
  • The animal symbols themselves are traditionally popular symbols and make sense as Wilds and multipliers in the free games.
  • There are plenty of Gold Coins and Zulu Shield symbols and occurring for players in the hold and spin feature.
  • The repeat wins produced by the Zulu Shields will add excitement for the players and boost their rewards.
  • There is anticipation and interest for players once in the feature as they are looking to gain the Zulu Shield in the Shake ‘n Brake hold and spin feature as late in the spins as possible to increase their repeat wins.
  • In the free games the award opportunities are also boosted by the clever use of wilds and multipliers.


To celebrate the launch of Jackpot Kingdom, Ainsworth is running a competition to win a ‘Roar and Snore’ package at Sydney, Taronga Zoo*.  To enter the draw just follow them on Linked In –

*Terms & Conditions apply


To find out more about Jackpot Kingdom contact your Ainsworth Representative


Written by: Justine Channing – Gaming Specialist