There is plenty of evidence around that can be drawn upon to verify that the impact of harassment and bullying in the workplace can lead to devastating outcomes. These include depression, anxiety, mood swings, lack of motivation and at its extreme suicidal tendencies ending in tragedy.

Clubs are no different in this regard to the general workplace context especially where managers and staff work under the ‘peaks and troughs’ of busy service periods, over long shifts and often in environments where the personalities of key stakeholders including directors, managers, staff and customers are in play and especially where the ‘power’ some have over others in terms of seniority and rank are used maliciously.

Reverend Chester Carter is the CMAA CARE Counsellor and is well experienced in helping people who are suffering at the hands of others who are abusing their power over them. Chester has worked extensively over many decades with Wesley Mission, NRL clubs and more ‘righting the balance’ of this power imbalance.



“I just wanted to touch base with you and hopefully you can spread the word through the CMAA magazine. We have taken the step of employing Chester Carter as our EAP.

We are about to embark on a 3 million renovation which will involve taking over our food in the club and found that our staff could benefit from Chester’s services to provide support with the change. I have used Chester a couple of times as one-offs for counselling staff members who have fallen on hard times.  

He is an amazing man, I rang him at 5 pm on a Wednesday afternoon as i had a staff member down on his luck and had made comments about self-harm. This really concerned me and once I spoke with Chester he immediately proposed a meeting with the staff member the very next day after Chester cancelled his other meetings to get to us. The service Chester provides to us as club managers is amazing but the services he can offer our staff in our clubs is an amazing opportunity at a very very very cheap price. I would love to get this out there to inform all club managers of the service Chester can provide for our down line staff.”

CMAA Members and their staff can access CMAA Care by calling 1300 464 262