Bromic heating offers CMAA members a reminder that even though winter is nearly over, it’s still an ideal time to start planning and looking at your outdoor gaming areas. Bromic heaters are more effective than others in the marketplace in providing year-round comfort to players. Bromic Heating offer a free design service. To book a consultation, please contact Jacky Lowe at 0402 289 816.

Bromic Heating has an innovative and efficient solution for every area in your venue. Heating solutions that use fixed gas, electric or portable gas means no matter your need, Bromic Heating has you covered.

Our Platinum Electric heaters are perfect for outdoor gaming areas as they retain a sleek design, create minimal light and remain unsurpassed in efficiency. They can also be combined with our dimmer controller to allow precise heat output control over individual heaters, providing “year-round comfort” to patrons.

Platinum Gas is a gas heater that can be utilised on Natural Gas or LPG. This heater uses ceramic glass technology to provide the most even heat coverage meaning those close to the heater do not roast while those away from the heater are kept warm & comfortable.

All outdoor areas are different. The experts at Bromic Heating are more than happy to assist you in finding the correct layout to maximise comfort and heat coverage. To book a consultation please contact Jacky Lowe on 0402 289 816 or visit our website at https://shop.bromic.com/heating/au/free-design-service/