With over 27% on average of Hold and Spin style product on gaming floors in NSW clubs and with numbers growing, there are lots of similar or cloned games in the market. The performance is there, and it makes sense to buy a good number of these games, but to our regular customers, who rarely know the name of the game they are playing, these are all the same game with essentially the same feature.

Smaller players are getting burnt on these games too quickly and not enjoying their gaming play as much as they used to and are coming to clubs less often, so adding in some game variety that covers all player levels gives clubs an advantage in a market of same-same games.

Just like the share market, diversification is a solid strategy for success. IGT has been focusing on VARIOUS game types and providing “point-of-difference” product to suit different player markets. Their strong game performance in the NSW Clubs MAX data is certainly showing that players are looking for that game variety too.

A look at their current game choices in this pre-Christmas period demonstrates the new focus on player types with strong game performance proving a mix of games works: