It appears likely, that significant cleaning requirements will be a part of any agreement with the government to reopen clubs and hotels across the country. While the additional workloads and costs of cleaning will be expensive most managers will recognise a need to maintain enhanced and much more obvious cleaning regimes on the other side of this pandemic. BTG has a range of products available that will assist club and hotel staff in ensuring the deep cleaning processes are simplified.

Connect Gaming Paging system

BTG Connect Gaming Paging is well known as a reliable and trusted paging system with the strongest gaming specific business information software tools on the market. That’s why over 80% of the clubs in the Top 200 use it.

The business information system that comes with the Connect Gaming Paging system is the most specific on the market and can help you zone your floor to match where customers are playing with staffing levels. This will assist managers to adjust rosters so floor staff can be on top of the new cleaning schedules.

By far the best component of this paging system is that the pagers can be set to remind staff to clean regularly, automatically and on a schedule all the machine buttons, door handles, kiosks, atm buttons, cashier benches and bathrooms.

BTG’s Popular Boomerang hospitality pagers

There has already been some discussion that hospitality pagers, or “buzzers”, will need to be removed from service areas in restaurants. However, this provides a significant service problem as meal wait times and staffing levels can no longer be tracked.

BTG’s Boomerang Pagers are designed to be reliable, drop, dust and splash resistant, and they are built for the rigours of the club and hotel restaurant market. They are more than able to maintain reliability after cleaning with an alcohol-based sanitiser after every single use before being placed in the racks.

Racks are mobile and can be placed in a position to prevent double handling when they are handed out at the till.

BTG’s ULTRA-TRAC and Table Loc8 Hospitality Pagers

BTG’s ULTRA-TRAC and Table Loc8 Hospitality Pagers can be placed by staff on a customer’s table anywhere in the club, removing the need for diners to touch a pager at all.

When the waitperson is ready to deliver the order, they glance at the screen and immediately see the location of the table displayed on the restaurant layout map. They can remove the pager as the meal is delivered without the customer needing to touch the buzzer at all.

BTG’s Connect Button Bathroom Customer Survey

BTG’s Connect Button Bathroom Customer Survey assists club managers in maintaining a high level of visible bathroom cleanliness by automating customer sourced information.

Placing BTG’s electronic “Connect Button Bathroom Customer Survey” unit on a bathroom wall is a great way of ensuring that visibility. This equipment allows your customers to rate the facilities and any unacceptable rating is sent through the Connect paging service, or directly to a smart phone, to alert managers that the bathrooms need to be prioritised.

Even more important currently is that the software can also produce reports showing the overall ratings at different days/times so proactive cleaning rosters can be included for staff and automated messages sent to staff to remind them to check and clean the bathroom.

Clubs, hotels and restaurants that don’t adhere to strict cleaning standards in future will pay a financial price for failing to increase visible cleaning protocols. There is no doubt that the scars of the current pandemic will see “unclean” mean the same thing as “unsafe” by a much more attentive public. BTG can assist you to make cleaning obvious to customers, automate the process so nothing is forgotten and ensure repeat visits once we reopen

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