The most similar international market to Australian clubs is the tribal gaming casinos in the USA. They are often around the same size, have the same focus on gaming, food and beverage and have classically “club style” gamer demographics. Players attend the casinos several times each week and are looking for similar distractions. Just like us, operationally they are reporting a softening in customer traffic and staff shortages. For this reason, the experience of the industry experts in that sector is very relevant for Australian club managers.

In a Q&A with Deana Scott, CEO of Raving Consulting, and gaming operations specialist Trevor Taylor, they discuss the changes in gaming operations, data-driven marketing and analytics and what needs to change in the current environment.

They discuss ways of finding:

  • Pockets of incremental revenue or expense reductions
  • Looking at the data in smaller bites of information so that instead of looking at long term trends, there is more of a microscopic view on trends, for example comparing what happened 60 days ago on a Tuesday versus 30 days ago on a Tuesday, and the last couple of weeks.
  • Changing from a “set and forget mentality” to taking a look at the data on a much, much, much more frequent timescale – not just on a monthly program
  • We are all tired of the safety messaging, but surveys suggest the guests do still require that they feel safe.
  • Re-focusing on how frequently and how recent a customer has visited is more important now that other entertainment options are reopening.

For the details on all these points watch the full interview here >>


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