If your venue has a video wall in it which has multiple screens stuck together and lines running through it, it’s the equivalent of going down to the local video store, over streaming on Netflix. Video wall technology has come a long way and the newest advancement is the LED screen.

LED screens where once considered too expensive to challenge the video wall market, however this is no longer the case with LED screens now on par cost wise with its less attractive cousin, and no longer do you need to be dictated on how big your screen can be by 40” and 55” TV sizes.

DSA’s Multi Display Sports Screens are one of a kind in the market, incorporating the very best LED modules, with the most intelligent AV equipment to give venue managers the ability to control their screens like never before. DSA have already rolled out a number of these LED screens into multiple hotels, pubs and clubs across NSW.

Hoteliers and venue managers now have the ability to display multiple sports at the same time, customise the screen in real time, and display in-venue advertising all controlled by an iPad. Effectively giving venue managers more flexibility during the day to switch from sport to sport, and also during special events creating one massive screen.

Key Features:  

  • Up to 16 inputs
  • Control how big each screen is
  • Control where it is situated on the screen
  • Control how many inputs are displayed
  • All controllable using an iPad
  • Integrate both free to air and subscription channels
  • Display in-venue advertising

If you are interested in updating your tired old video wall, DSA are the perfect partners to help.  Here are some of the Video walls in some of our intalls.

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