Each year the For Love or Money report provides the most comprehensive research on loyalty programs in Australia. The research tracks mainly the same indicators each year (with some new ones) to get an idea of how people react to different customer loyalty elements and how this has changed over the years.

This years highlights include:

  • Even in economic uncertainty 42% of members indicated they became more involved with their loyalty programs to maximise their rewards – same as last year.
  • The proportion of Australians enrolled in 10 or more loyalty programs is declining – from 11% in 2013, down to 6% in 2024, but the average number of memberships is stable at 4.3.
  • Active participation in programs is increasing again with 50% of participants active in all the loyalty programs they are enrolled in.
  • 80% of members agree that loyalty programs enhance their overall experience – with no significant differences by gender and generation.
  • The Summary Report also includes interesting information on data collection, trust and personalisation.

The For Love or MoneyTM 2024 report is available as a free Executive Summary, or the comprehensive report is available to purchase.