Banktech, Australia’s leading ATM deployer, now has over 1,000 of their CashConnect ATM Plus terminals enabled with the TAB digital account functionality, providing even more access for TAB customers to make cash deposits and withdrawals from their digital accounts.

These terminals are located at venues in NSW, ACT and QLD, providing unparalleled access for TAB customers.

This exciting roll out of the service has been possible due to the quick upgrade process, typically completed on-site in just a few hours. Importantly, it seamlessly integrates ATM Plus transactions into existing ATM settlement processes, ensuring a smooth transition for both customers and operators.

The speed of which the roll-out has happened is matched by the quick uptake of this new service by TAB customers, highlighting the number of people out there who want to combine cash with digital technology.

Banktech is not only the pioneer of this game-changing technology but also the undisputed leader in delivering broad access to the TAB functionality.

“We’re very proud of what we have delivered to both TAB punters and our pub and club customers,” said Henry Kiwarkis, Banktech’s General Manager of Sales. “Not only have we been able to provide an important bridge between cash and digital payments, but we’ve also delivered a safe and simple experience for both the punter and the venue, in a very short time.”

Another 800 terminals will be upgraded in the coming months, making the CashConnect ATM Plus the key player in meeting the digital payment needs of punters.

TAB, General Manager Racing Industry & Venue, Brenden Varcoe said that the ATM Plus TAB functionality is a game changer for TAB customers to access their accounts using cash.

“TAB is continuing to transform at pace, and we are proud of the success of the partnership to date.

This is an innovative omni-channel solution that provides a safe way for customers to bet in venue. We are thrilled with the roll out of upgrades so far and we can’t wait to see the machines continue to enhance the betting experience in venue.”


To find out more about how your venue can benefit from installing a CashConnect ATM Plus call 1800 08 09 10