This year introduces the 11th edition of the annual For Love or Money consumer research study taking the pulse on customer loyalty and loyalty programs in Australia. The benchmarks were first established in 2013 and this years For Love or Money 2023 report continues to track changes in the Australian loyalty program landscape and build on trends and insights revealed in previous studies.

For every club and hotel manager the report highlights new insights into what “loyalty” is for the consumer beyond just enrolling in a rewards program, and the key success factors influencing the value and viability of loyalty programs in the future.

Some of the highlights for 2023 include:

  • 90% of Australians are enrolled in at least one program, with an average enrolment in 4.1 loyalty programs. This has remained stable for 10 years, so it is still a crucial connection with customers.
  • Data collected over the last 10 years suggests that around 1 in 10 Australians are enrolled in over 10 loyalty programs with women generally and Gen Y more likely to be enrolled in over 10 programs.
  • For 65% of members the value of the rewards program (where rewards are meaningful, desirable and valuable to members) is the most important variable for optimising their loyalty program experience. It outranks a personal experience (10%) or the programs simplicity (25%)
  • The trend away from traditional loyalty cards to card-linked/payment integration has continued. This has increased significantly over the last year (up from 23% in 2022 to 27% in 2023) and has increased in preference more than five times since 2017. This is a positive for the future integration of digital wallet and digital membership integration in clubs and pubs.

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