1. Your name, your club and your position.

Christopher Dunn, General Manager, Strathfield Sports Club

2. What is your biggest or has been your biggest challenge with the club and your role?

Completing an $8.5 million renovation, spanning 18 months that involved moving office 3 times, a temporary bar and cool room facilities and four stages of construction. We have only just finished.

3. What has been some of your achievements or highlights since being at the club?

Posting a record profit during construction which saw gaming increase by 10% during this period.

The club has posted a net profit in excess of $1 million for 4 consecutive years, which also includes EBITDARD of greater than 40%

An average growth of 15-20% consistently the last 10 years across Bar and Gaming.

4. Is there a piece of advice or something compelling you have learnt that you can pass on to our readers and up and coming managers?

There are a number of ways to skin the cat. Often if something is not exactly what prefer, doesn’t mean we can’t make it work. Just give it everything you got and see what happens.

Draw on the experience of Industry professionals including other Club Managers. We are in a great industry that loves to share knowledge and we, as Managers, should be drawing on this experience. We are continually learning in our roles as CEO’s and I think this is what makes our jobs so fascinating.

Clubs are all unique places and we continue to evolve depending on the needs of our community. We need to embrace the change.

5. Outside of the club and your role there. Do you have any hobbies or passions…tell us a bit about you?

I have 2 beautiful children, 1 and 3, who keep me busy. When I get the chance, I try to get out and play some golf. I have a handicap of 6.

6. Do you have any claims to fame? eg someone famous has visited the club, you served a celebrity?

Not really, however what people don’t realise is our club is over 130 years, making it one of the oldest clubs in NSW.