Victoria’s live music scene has been handed a $10m lifeline in a bid to inspire more local artists to perform at some of the state’s most iconic venues.

Pubs will be able to apply for $10,000 while events and festivals can get up to $50,000 through newly announced state government grants aimed at reinvigorating the Victoria’s gigs sector.

It has been ravaged by the pandemic and rising cost pressures.

Minister for Creative Industries Colin Brooks said the grants were important to motivate more artists to perform and begin their journeys at suburban venues.

“This is about supporting those venues and through them supporting the artists,” he said.

Music Victoria chief executive Simone Schinkel said the money available was not a “silver bullet” but an important step in the right direction.

“Venues are vital in our ecology and this is all about keeping the great stuff going on in Victoria after all the cancellation,” she said.

“We also want to back Victorian talent because we want the diversity of our community to be represented on those stages.”

Victorian pubs have made significant contributions to the music industry on a domestic and global scale.

Applications for the grants will go live on April 22.


Source: Live music grants Melbourne: Pubs able to apply for $10k, festivals $50k | Herald Sun