Media outlet Thaiger reported that “Manit” won the first prize money of THB6 million (US$166,819) on November 1, which he then transferred to his wife’s account. Instead of celebrating the win with family and friends, though, she cashed out and headed for the hills.

Manit filed a police report, but he didn’t find any sympathy. They couldn’t help him get the winnings back since they were in his wife’s account. Making the situation worse, they weren’t legally married because they never signed the marriage certificate.

End Of The Road

The two were together for 26 years, and the sudden departure sent a clear message about where the wife stood. Manit had no idea that his wife was seeing someone else. But one of their children later admitted to police that he knew about the affair.

The woman fled with her lover to the town of Nong Kai, about 270 KM (160 miles) from Rot Et, where she previously lived with her husband. She reportedly told the Thai media that she doesn’t have any lovers, but that she fled because she was tired of hearing complaints from her husband and one of her children.

She said told them that she wanted to be a nun, and that she had donated all the money to charity.

Neither was true.

The wife returned home this past Sunday after learning about the police report against her. She went to the police station, where she revealed that she has THB3.1 million (US$85,994) remaining.

Thaiger quoted her as saying that she will give THB1.6 million to Manit (US44,384), THB1 million (US$27,740) to her youngest daughter and THB500,000 (US$13,870) to a son.

The division of the funds gives THB500,000 to a “middle son,” according to the wife’s description. That would make it seem as though she plans on leaving one of her children out – perhaps the one from whom she tried to escape.

Manit can get the money, provided he complies with one stipulation his soon-to-be-ex-wife put on the deal. He had three days to pack up and leave the house.

Could Be Worse

While the wife didn’t provide any details about what she did with the rest of the money, it’s unlikely she is giving away everything she still had. That’s good news for Manit, who could have been left without anything.

That’s what happened to Kirk Stevens, a Brit who won the lottery with his girlfriend, Laura Hoyle. They came into a windfall of £3.6 million (US$4.24 million). But Hoyle, whose name was on the cheque the UK National Lottery delivered, decided to keep it all.


Source: Thai Lottery Winner Loses It All After Partner Runs Away With the Money and Her Lover –