I am really excited to report to members that the CMAA has partnered with The Drop to offer the industry a new and innovative approach to the professional development of managers and their staff.  We’ve called the new communications channel ClubIQ.

The Drop is recognised as a leader in communicating up-to-the minute information, industry knowledge and resources across all hospitality sectors, both locally and internationally.

CMAA members will receive fortnightly EDMs from a joint partnership with The Drop and CMAA, with the opportunity for CMAA members to join as Drop members at discounted rates in order to access member only information, resources and special offers.

Look out soon for a number of new initiatives for accessing high-quality training and conferencing, as well as a dedicated CMAA Professional Development page on The Drop website.

Lastly, check out our new video. It’s also on the ClubIQ page on The Drop website. Please feel free to share it amongst your team. Membership to the CMAA is beneficial to your career and personal growth.

You can also “Like” us on Facebook. This will be the platform for social pictures of zone events and networking functions along with other general updates and offers.

How are you advancing your career? The team from the CMAA are here to help.  Call anytime 02 9746 4199 or visit www.cmaa.asn.au


Ralph Kober