Dear CMDA sponsor,

I hope everyone is coping as best they can under these most difficult times.

I understand the cancellation of many events including zone and industry gatherings has put more pressure on you also.

To that end, I’d like to offer a small step in combating your objective of networking with our members.

Given, we can’t engage in social activities, we can now turn our focus on a more active on-line presence.

While I’m still developing ideas, in this immediate instance, I would like to offer the following strategies to help take us over this timeframe until things resume to normal.

Would you like to introduce your company via a CMAA email to members plus social posts on Facebook and Linked in?

Think of this as an elevator pitch as if you were in front of our members at a meeting. Nothing too long as everyone is swamped at the moment. It could be a piece to camera… a 2 min video introduction perhaps, or a written introduction.

If so please send me the following.

  • A few words on who you are, what you do and what current clubs you are working with at the moment (this industry loves to hear who you are also engaged with)
  • A picture of yourself with name and title: it’s best to keep it personal and not send a logo for example, OR a short video link of you chatting to camera. Youtube or some link that people can click on to hear what you have to say
  • All your contact details.

Just as if you were introducing yourself at a CMAA meeting. 😊

I’m happy to help. I’m working on the CMAA YouTube channel now to reignite that; in which case this could be the platform for any footage you send me also.

Naturally, now’s not the time to send emails to our members, they no doubt, like you, have a fair bit on their plate. But as a way of compensating for the lack of gatherings at this time, we can start soon when things settle a slight bit and make up for any lost “moments”.

Please feel free to call me on 0418 970 963 anytime. I’m working from home in self isolation, which has allowed me some time to focus on new ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you. This offer will be rolled out based on your level of sponsorship with the higher levels being managed first.

And please note, this is developing all the time and I may have some more ideas to share with you.

Thanks again for your support and wishing you well in these trying times.


Chris Keeble

M: 0418 970 963

E: ">