1. Your name, your club and your position.

Robyn Emblen Administration | HR Manager – Cabramatta Rugby League Club

  1. What is your biggest or has been your biggest challenge with the club and your role?

A major challenge for any organisation is to employ the right staff… When our people are in sync, and can have fun, then being at work is a rewarding experience for all.

  1. What has been some of your achievements or highlights since being at the club?

Achievements: (My previous role) Working my way up through the organisation to second in charge and Operations Manager.   Highlight: Having the support of a great mentor and CEO; which results in being more actively involved in our industry.

  1. Is there a piece of advice or something compelling you have learnt that you can pass on to our readers and up and coming managers.

Be kind, be fair, listen, and remember everyone has their own battles and agendas. And on a personal note …develop yourself to be the best at what you do.

  1. Outside of the club and your role there. Do you have any hobbies or passions.. tell us a bit about you?

Passionate about my family. Addicted to travel. Enjoy yoga and meditation. Love to walk…Enjoy great food, good wine, a good movie and a great book. Love to go out…love to stay home.