The AGE show is a landmark event for every gaming company, bringing together months of work to launch a range of new games to the market. This year, amongst other highlights, Aristocrat will feature Aqua Kingdom, Wild Rumble and will unveil their new Grand Legends game family.

Grand Legends – for higher denomination players in hotels and clubs.

Aristocrat’s new game range, Grand Legends, includes four new games: Great King, Sun Queen, Royal Emperor, and Magic Warrior. These games build on the strong popularity of Grand Star’s five-of-a-kind line wins. To boost interest for higher denomination players, the Grand Legends Mega Jackpot has lifted from $200 to $500 and the Super Jackpot lifts from $500 to $1,000.

To trigger the feature, players are looking for a Cash on Reel or Wild symbol on all five reels. Like Grand Star, there is also the rainbow border around Reel 5 which, when it is revealed, can give the player a chance at any of the top prizes (Super Jackpot, Mega Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, Major Bonus and Mini Bonus), except for the Grand Jackpot.

When the player triggers a five of a kind feature, a dragon flies across all the reels and reveals a Cash on Reel symbol or can reveal a Hold and Spin symbol. As the player moves through to the feature the Hold and Spin symbol changes to a ‘Legends Touch Coin’. Players touch the coin to reveal a cash-on-reel amount that is at least five times their bet.

The free games feature in the Grand Legends games is triggered by three scatters anywhere across the five reels. Players can choose from two free game feature choices.

The six free game coin feature is common across all four games where the first two Cash on Reel amounts are boosted to at least ten times the players’ bet, which adds more volatility for the higher denomination players and can help them to get better wins throughout the feature.

The other free game choice changes according to the game. Royal Emperor and Magic Warrior offers an eight free game series with a ‘Wild X’ feature, where any win with a wild in it awards the player a multiplier of that win (up to x16). For Great King and Sun Queen, the eight free game series has a ‘Reel 5 Wild’ feature where the fifth reel is loaded constantly with Wilds increasing a player’s chance of a five of a kind win.

The Grand Legends games are definitely designed for the higher denomination players in hotels and clubs, so it needs to be positioned away from high traffic areas on the gaming floor.

All four Grand Legends games will be released in NSW as a SAP ($5,000 Grand Jackpot) followed by the link version with a $10,000, $15, 000, $25,000 or $50,000 choice of startup.

In QLD, all four games will be released as a Link with a $10,000, $15, 000 or $25,000 startup, followed by the SAP version with a $5,000, $8,000 and $10,000 startup.

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Wild Rumble – designed for quick and entertaining periods of play.

At AGE 2023 Aristocrat will feature two new Wild Rumble games, Happy Tiki and Shen Shan. Surprisingly, there are no free games and no hold and spin feature in the Wild Rumble games. Instead, all that RTP% has been put back into quick five-of-a kind payouts with larger Cash on Reel prizes, and more multipliers during game play, making the games fast and fun.

Stacks of red fire balls, acting as wilds across the three centre reels, increase the chance of gaining a five-of-a-kind win.  When a player lands a blue fireball on the screen that includes a x2 or x3 multiplier displayed on it, players have the chance to move into a quick “pick ‘em” volcano feature where players must match three symbols to win the Grand, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpots.

The multiplier on the original blue fireball trigger multiplies whatever jackpot is matched, by that multiplier value, (except for the Grand Jackpot).

Once the feature is completed, players return to the game screen where all Wilds transform to Cash on Reel amounts. The multiplier on the blue fireball will also apply to these Cash on Reel amounts won in the Wild Rumble Feature.

In NSW/ACT, Wild Rumble is available as a SAP with an $8,000 and a $5,000 start-up.

In QLD these games are available as a link, with a $15,000 and a $10,000 start-up.

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Aqua Kingdom – real appeal for your serious $5 player

Aristocrat’s new Aqua Kingdom games build on the successful fundamentals of the Choy’s Kingdom games by adding extra game features, a new Mega feature, and a strengthened Major jackpot.

Aqua Kingdom, by offering a 5-line game in the higher denomination choices, means the $5 player should really enjoy the strong game maths.

There are four new and unique games to be released in the Aqua Kingdom game family: Egyptian Sea, Ocean Palace, Jade Mermaid and Roman Riptide. These Aqua Kingdom games are all based on the iconic multi-window hold and spin feature in the Choy’s Kingdom games.

The players collect Cash on Reel symbols in the feature to unlock more windows and improve their wins. The Super and Mega Hold & Spin features shortcut the opportunity to build up the open windows by unlocking all four windows immediately.

In both NSW/ACT, and QLD, Aqua Kingdom is available in both SAP and Link options.

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